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Hi Karla,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your involvement with our wedding showcase on Saturday.

Having you playing as guests entered the venue really added to the atmosphere on the day.

A number of my brides do ask if I can recommend anyone to play the piano on their wedding day so I will be sure to recommend your services in future!

I hope to work with you again soon.

Chantelle Thomson

Senior Weddings & Events Coordinator

Paradise Palms Resort & Country Club


Dear Karla,

Thank you for your excellent work as piano technician and tuner for my concert on Mother's Day.

It was a great job and we really appreciate how well the piano played during the concert.

Petah Chapman 

Lyric Soprano 

Tinaroo Lake Resort


Thank you for teaching my son. 

He responds very well to you. 

He is learning patience and practice. 

Thanks for the books also.




Hi Karla

Thank you very much for tuning my piano and treating my house with such respect. 

I really appreciate your honesty and professionalism! 

Warm regards.



I had a severely off-tune piano with a broken string and very sharp casters.

Upon contacting Karla, she came for a free inspection followed by two more visits to tune as well as changing the string and casters.

Karla is a skilled technician and her service is excellent. She responds quickly to clients and has kept our communication smooth and clear.

I would highly recommend Karla's service to anyone who needs a piano tuning. Thank you Karla!

Yixin Zou



Dear Karla and John,

Thank you so much for fixing and teaching us so much about our beautiful piano. 

We are both going to have lessons now and hopefully do justice to your hard work!

Lots of love and gratitude.

Maree and Cookie

Cairns City


The girls loved their lessons. You're a good teacher.

My daughter kept practicing and telling me the letter names of the keys.

 So happy. Thank you.




We look forward to your guidance in developing our child's skills.




I was gobsmacked when I heard the piano at the concert! 

I thought 'Is that the same piano? How did you make it sound so wonderful?'




Hello Karla,

The candle holders were a very big surprise!

I wanted to thank you again for that big job you did for my old lady!! I'm a very happy piano owner now! Even remembered one song that I learned 15 years ago
😊 Now I can't get my hands of it anymore 😃

Best Regards,

Kati Lehismets



Thanks Karla,

The piano sounds so much better we love it!

Thanks again


Trinity Beach


Hi Karla,

We appreciate your quality service, which makes my piano sound like new now. 

Thanks, and have a nice day!

Jackie Han



Good Afternoon Karla!

Thank you for the complimentary lesson yesterday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would love you continue learning from you, if you’d be happy to teach me! :)

Thank you so much again!




Thanks, Karla - it's such a pleasure to play now! :)

I was really happy with last service and tuning!




Having moved a very old, but much loved, pianola all the way from country Victoria to FNQ we were in need of a professional to service the piano.  

Karla's passion for pianos was evidenced in the time and care she took.  

Services included a dehumidifier installation, hammer replacement, bass string replacement, action and key clean, pitch raise and fine tuning.  

This took several visits and Karla was clearly intent on doing the best job possible for us. 

Sarah Hession 



Hi Karla,

My son loved his piano lesson today. 

I just had a chat with him and he said he just can't wait to come back and keep going.

I can't thank you enough.




Hi Karla,

Piano sounding beautiful.


Port Douglas


Thanks for a great lesson Karla.




Thank you for your excellent service. 

I will follow your advice.



Port Douglas


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