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Piano Tuning

Karla and John of Piano Service are the piano service providers for the Cairns Performing Arts Centre and Tanks Arts Centre. Karla is a Yamaha Authorised Service Agent.

Since 2012 Piano Service has tuned and repaired at the Cairns International, Cairns Reef Hotel Casino, Vivaldis, Paradise Palms, P&O Pacific Eden, CSHS, Tinaroo Lake Resort, The Cairns Convention Centre, The Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, The Caledonian Sky Luxury Cruise Ship, Opera Queensland, The Tanks Arts Centre and The Cairns Performing Arts Centre (CPAC).

Before tuning your piano, Karla will perform a thorough inspection to ensure any pre-existing concerns are brought to your attention. She will then proceed to tune your piano, a process which usually takes between 120 and 180 minutes to complete. If you have any special requests with regard to how you would like your instrument to sound, Karla is always happy to discuss your personal needs and temper or voice your piano accordingly. 

Piano Repairing

With around 10000 moving parts, the modern piano is the most complicated machine ever made of wood, leather and felt. Whether it's a buzzing noise, stuck key, creaking pedal or any one of the hundreds of things that can go wrong with pianos, John and Karla will quickly locate the problem and ensure your piano is expertly repaired. Minor repairs to broken and worn action parts can be carried out onsite, however structural repairs and major part replacements are carried out in the Piano Service workshop located in Edmonton.

Piano Regulating

For any piano action to work correctly, each intermediate part must come into play at precisely the right time and move precisely the right distance. Additionally, each pedal must do its job correctly. Regulating grand and upright pianos involves the careful adjustment of all these parts, so each does exactly what it should at exactly the right time giving you maximum control over your instrument.

Standard Fine Tuning Service $240.

Pitch Raise Tuning Service $290.

Grand Piano On Stage On Demand
Concert Inspection and Tuning $290.

Beale All Iron Tuning System fine tune $480.

Please contact Karla to arrange an inspection or quote for repair work.

Please contact Karla to arrange an inspection or quote for regulation work.


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